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Welcome to the home of Tranquil Mind

by Ceare, 266 days ago

We are a PVE orientated guild on Silvermoon(EU), created to fit the needs of a group of “veteran” players.

Whilst over the years our priorities have shifted more to real life commitments and responsibilities (such as family, kids or work), we still enjoy the challenge of playing the game and clearing content. We prefer to do so in a relaxed, friendly and mature environment, based on teamplay, friendship and trust. We enjoy progress, but most of all, we enjoy progressing together.

We take pride in our positive atmosphere, and when it comes to our members (both existing and new), we don't settle for anything less than respectful, friendly and mature players. This is also reflected in our recruitment policy, where we chose quality over quantity. We encourage our members to team up as often as possible, to build friendships, teamwork and a sense of community.

Although we do raid (one night a week on Fridays), we don't call ourselves a raiding guild. Raids aren't mandatory, and every member is free to spend their online time the way they prefer. We also enjoy other (mostly end game) content, such as running instances together (be it normal, heroic or mythic, mythic+).

In raids, we do expect attendees to be able to carry their weight, which includes a certain knowledge of class and role, awareness and knowledge of tactics. We use a loot council to decide on the best destination for drops, for the betterment of the entire raid team.

The leadership of the guild is formed from members with experience in leading several different kinds of guilds in the past.

Our only rule is to stick to our core values of friendship, cooperation, respect and trust.

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